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  • Easy to read, nice neutral look, the use of a deep blue polyester base results in images with a nice, neutral look which are easier to read and more pleasant to look at.
  • Safelight Requirements the use of a special red safelight filter is recommended. It should be utilized in conjuction with a 15watt frosted bulb and be positioned at least 1.2m 0 feet.
  • Processing VMS High Speed Film is designed for RP. Extended and manual processing. Developers and fixer processing solutions are recommended.
  • Handling,the film should be handled with care. Creasing and buckling as well as physical pressure should be avoided.
  • Storage: unopened, unexposed film should be stored at or below 21*c in a dry location. The relative humidity is preferably between 30 and 50%. In addition, the film should be protected horn ionizing radiation.  

VMS High-Speed X-Ray Film is a universal film because of the design of characteristic curve. On the one hand, the contrast in the middle section and on the shoulder of the curve is sufficient to guarantee excellent visualization of all relevant details in applications, such as bone work and angiography. All lung-field structures are very clearly presented as well. On the other hand, the toe of the curve has been studied in such a way, that the information in low - density areas, such as the diaphragm, retrocardial, mediastinal, and spinal areas are displayed very well too.
Relative Humidity
In between 30-50%
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