How to Choose the Right Wheelchair for Your Unique Needs:

When choosing a wheelchair, several factors have to be considered to ensure that the chair meets your specific needs and requirements ...

Categorisation of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs can be divided into two main categories, i.e. Manual wheelchairs and Motorised wheelchairs.
  • Manual wheelchairs are either self-driven or handled by a caregiver.

  • Motorised wheelchairs are essentially self-driven and operate on battery-powered motors.

Manual Wheelchairs

These are the most commonly used type of wheelchair as they are also the most affordable and easy to maintain. There are different types of manual wheelchairs to match your lifestyle requirements, so whether you are looking for mobility support within the hospital, home or outdoors, we have the best fit for you.

Key Features of the VMS Careline Manual Wheelchairs

  • Sturdy seating and back support for ideal postural comfort

  • Comfortable PVC armrests, calf support and flippable footrest

  • Ergonomically placed handles and brake levers

  • Folding frame for easy travel and storage

  • Range of price options

Motorised Wheelchairs

Powered or motorised wheelchairs, on the other hand, are expensive but are ideal for those who want to be up and about despite their limited upper body strength or mobility. They can be easily controlled by a joystick and offer various features such as reverse backing alarm, speed adjustments, climbing on inclines, etc. and are powered by batteries.

Types of Manual Wheelchairs :


    These wheelchairs can double up as a stand-alone commode; or fit over a regular toilet seat when required. The series includes sturdy rubber-tipped chairs, chairs with wheels for ease of transit, and some with footrests for added comfort.

    The VMS Careline Commode Chairs have sturdy metal frames that are robust, durable, and easy on the pocket. They are available in different material options ranging from steel to various aluminium compounds to suit every budget. All models have removable toilet bins for ease of cleaning and hygiene. Some of our Commode models include Classic, Deluxe, Mobile, and Standard - to name a few.

    Key Features of the VMS Careline Commode Wheelchairs

    • Folding feature to help pack and unpack for travel & storage

    • Variety of pricing to suit every budget

    • Comfort – padded armrests and folding footrests on some models

    • Adjustable seat and height to suit most adults


    The Recliner Wheelchairs are meant for transit and relaxing, implying that you use them for mobility and lounging.

    As the name suggests, this category of wheelchairs supports reclining backrests, making them perfect for long hours watching TV or socialising. Most models come with hand grips for the attendee, plus self-propulsion provision with the large rear wheels and comfortable cushioned seats, given that a user may spend long hours in a recliner. Some Recliner wheelchair models such as the VMS Careline Recliner Wheelchair Reclaim, also come with a handy food tray. Some of our Recliner models include the Reclaim and the Relax versions.

    Key Features of the VMS Careline Recliner Wheelchairs

    • Sturdy build quality with anti-tippers for better stability

    • Recline to up to 180 degrees

    • Transforms into bed for extended relaxation

    • Cushioned seats with adjustable head and footrest


    As the name suggests, these wheelchairs are primarily meant for comfort, leisure and sports. These models typically have larger rear wheels and smaller front castors for ease of propelling. They demand efficient braking mechanisms that are integral to VMS Careline SPORTS Wheelchair models.

    The SPORTS models are made with a variety to suit every budget. A range of features such as removable foot/armrests, adjustable backs, seatbelts, storage pouches and braking systems (among other features) make the VMS Careline SPORTS Wheelchairs the favourite option. A unique anti-tipping mechanism ensures the safety of users while enjoying the experience of a SPORTS wheelchair.

    Our most popular model is the LEISURE which comes with inflatable tyres for the most efficient mobility.

    Key Features of VMS Careline Leisure Wheelchairs

    • Large rear wheels for ease of self-propelling

    • Inflatable tyres for the smoothest ride

    • Comfort – padded armrests and folding footrests on some models

    • Ergonomically placed handles and brake levers


    These wheelchairs are ideal for transit and transport and can be easily handled by the attendant, although some models can also be self-propelled. Transit models typically focus on the ease of propelling, which demands that a lightweight body and efficient braking mechanism are integral features.

    These models are made with anything from steel to aluminium to suit every budget and requirement. A range of features such as removable foot/armrests, adjustable backs, seatbelts, storage pouches and braking systems (among other features) make the VMS Careline Transit Wheelchairs the favourite among many users.

    Some of our Transit models include the Trip, Tour, Traverse and Cruise - to name a few.

    Key Features of VMS Careline Transit Wheelchairs

    • Folding feature to help pack and unpack for travel & storage

    • Choice of sturdy build materials

    • Diverse price range

Things to consider before buying a wheelchair

  1. Size and Weight Capacity :

    Wheelchairs come in different seat widths and depths to accommodate different body sizes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the wheelchair seating is comfortable and can support your weight. This is because if the chair is too small or too large, it will not only be uncomfortable but will not perform as it should. The weight-bearing capacity of the chair is also important as it should support your body weight without any problems.

  2. Mobility Needs :

    Before choosing a wheelchair, consider your daily activities, mobility requirements and how much assistance you will require. It will help determine the type of wheelchair that is best suited to your requirements. If you can walk short distances or have a caregiver attend to your needs, then a manual walker may be suitable. But, if you have limited mobility, a motorised wheelchair may be a better option.

  3. Portability :

    Consider how often you will need to transport the wheelchair and how easy it is to fold and store the chair. If you need to transport the wheelchair frequently, it is important to choose a chair that is lightweight yet strong and easy to fold. Some wheelchairs can be easily disassembled for transport and storage, making them a great option for those who need to travel frequently.

  4. Additional Features :

    Consider features that may be important to you such as adjustable footrests, cushioned seating, adjustable backrests, etc. For example, adjustable footrests allow you to adjust the height of the footrests for a comfortable and secure seating position. Cushioned seats and backrests provide added comfort, especially for those who sit in the chair for long periods, whereas an adjustable backrest allows you to adjust the angle that matches your seating position.

  5. Price :

    The price of wheelchairs can vary depending on the category they belong to and the features they offer. So it is essential to set a budget and choose a chair that fits your price range. It is important to remember that a more expensive chair may have additional features or be of higher quality, but it is also possible to find a high-quality chair at a more affordable price. At VMS, we understand the value of appropriate pricing, therefore we offer the best price in the market without compromising on quality.

  6. Warranty and After-Sales Service :

    Look for a wheelchair with a warranty and check the availability of after-sales service in your area. If you are buying through VMS Cart, you can be assured of our excellent after-sales service. A VMS warranty will provide complete peace of mind knowing that if you face any issues, they will be addressed and promptly resolved.