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Swift Warm-Up for Instant Productivity: Experience the power of fast warm-up with the VMS LM Super Heavy Duty Thermal Laminator. Within just a few minutes, the prominent green indicator light signals that it's ready to roll. Say goodbye to unnecessary waiting times and hello to instant productivity.

Versatile Laminating Modes: Equipped with both hot and cold modes, this laminator offers versatility in preserving a wide range of documents and old photos. Whether you're sealing important papers or safeguarding precious memories, the VMS LM Super Heavy Duty has got you covered.

Even and Bubble-Free Results: Achieve flawless laminating results with the advanced 4-roller design. This technology ensures even heat distribution, preventing wrinkles, blistering, and curling for a professional finish. Say farewell to uneven laminations and hello to crystal-clear, bubble-free perfection.

Anti-Jam Technology for Uninterrupted Operation: Experience hassle-free laminating with the anti-jam technology of the VMS LM Super Heavy Duty. The ABS (Anti-Blocking System) button, jam release knob, and forward/reverse switch work in unison to ensure smooth and uninterrupted laminating. No more disruptions ā€“ just seamless operation every time.

Compact and Lightweight for Desktop Convenience: Despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the VMS LM Super Heavy Duty remains compact and lightweight, effortlessly fitting onto any desktop. This space-saving design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a heavy-duty laminator without sacrificing valuable workspace.

Maximum Width and Speed for Home and Office Use: With a maximum laminating width of 325mm and a speedy 600mm per minute, this laminator is tailor-made for both home and office use. Whether you're tackling a high volume of documents or handling occasional laminating tasks, the VMS LM Super Heavy Duty is your reliable partner.

Quality Backed by Warranty: At VMS, we take pride in the quality and reliability of our machines. The VMS LM Super Heavy Duty Thermal Laminator comes with 6 Months warranty against manufacturing defects, showcasing our commitment to delivering top-notch products and ensuring your utmost satisfaction, Elevate your laminating experience with the VMS LM Super Heavy Duty ā€“ where durability meets sophistication.

The VMS Professional LM Super Lamination is the perfect companion for all your Professional and Personal laminating work, at low cost and for the preservation of memorable photos and important documents.

It is an ideal fit for laminating ID cards, letters and can create a spill-proof recipe book, and many more memorable things the possibilities are endless.

LM Super offers Jam-free results and can run for a long time as it has a heat release facility. This laminator can be used in any place where electrical connectivity is available, as it can be carried easily. Anybody can use it because it is easy to operate. Safe for children as it is shock and heatproof. It is most beneficial for a family as well as for a professional.

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    Make sure your machine is warm

    Turn the power on by switching to the start position - the power light will turn red. Then press hot position to heat roller and the operation light will turn green.

    Wait for 3 minutes for the heater to reach the set temperature during which the operating light turns green. Wait for 1 minute, the light will turn off and then switch on again. This indicates the machine is now ready for lamination
  • Place your item in laminating pouch

    Place the item between the two layers of the pouch film and center your item inside the pouch checking that you leave a laminate border on every side for best sealing results.
  • Place the pouch into the machine

    Set the temperature as per the thickness of the pouch (see the table below for indicative temperature settings).
    Place the Closed-End of the pouch into the machine, with the open end following behind

  • Insulated Socket Pin

    Thick socket pin for perfect connectivity. Easy to install. LM Super offered plug is stringently checked against various quality parameters.
  • Operating Panel

    The heat indicator on the right side of the laminator helps you to identify when the machine is ready to use.
    The green light indicates that the machine is warming up and the red indicates the machine is hot and ready for lamination.
    The regulator enables you to adjust the temperature as per the pouch size. (see the table below for indicative temperature settings)
  • Forward/Reverse Switch

    In case of power off, the forward/reverse switch button helps to reverse the command and eject the document safely.
    Also, when placing the film in the machine, if the item shifts position or appears skewed, press the reverse switch and the film will come out. Re-position the item properly and re-insert it into the machine.
  • Jam Release Knob

    The Laminating Machine is specially designed with the knob on the side to protect the items from the jam. Just turn the knob slowly to release the stuck pouches or papers.


Ask a Question
  • How much power it requires, whats wattage of it?

    Power required 600 W.

  • is warranty available?

    VMS provides a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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