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STURDY YET LIGHTWEIGHT: The VMS LM Deluxe Thermal Laminator is designed to be portable, featuring lightweight construction. Its convenient dimensions allow it to effortlessly fit on any desktop, providing a space-saving solution for preserving frequently-handled documents and cherished photos.

QUICK WARM-UP: With a swift warm-up period of just 3 minutes, the LM Deluxe laminator ensures minimal waiting time. As soon as it reaches the desired temperature, The red light indicates that the machine is warming up and the green indicates the machine is hot and ready for lamination.

BUBBLE-FREE RESULT: Experience professional-quality results as this laminator ensures a smooth and bubble-free finish, preserving your documents and photos with precision and clarity.

EFFORTLESS JAM RELEASE: The VMS LM Deluxe Thermal Laminator is equipped with an advanced ABS (Anti-Blocking System) button to ensure seamless operation and hassle-free laminating. This innovative feature enables you to effortlessly clear any wrapped or jammed pouches, minimizing disruptions and maximizing your laminating experience. Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted laminating with the convenient ABS jam release function.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: At VMS, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our machines. That's why we provide 6 Months warranty against manufacturing defects for all our laminators. This warranty demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-notch products and ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. With VMS, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.


VMS Professional LM Deluxe A4 & A3 Lamination / Laminating Machine

The VMS Professional LM Deluxe is a perfect companion for all your lamination needs.

It is an ideal fit for those into the business of ID Card making for corporates and educational institutes, preservation of photos, important documents, and certificates.

The machine's all-metal construction ensures long-lasting durability and meets the robustness requirements for professional use. Its efficient heat release capabilities are specifically designed to keep the long operating hours in mind.

That's not all! It offers a perfect balance between ease of use and features. The LM Deluxe's temperature control ensures that it can be customised to laminate pouches of varying thicknesses.

  • Specially designed for Professional as well as Corporate use.
  • A3-size laminator with smooth, bubble-free lamination.
  • Suitable for both Hot and Cold lamination with Backward and Forward operation.
  • Jam release knob, especially useful during power failure.
  • Specially designed for minimum power consumption.
  • Compatible with most types of laminating pouch films.
  • The laminated items remain completely flat and resistant to climate change, water, fading, and abrasions.
  • Fast and Perfect

    • A rapid 3 min warm-up time.
    • Hot & cold modes are perfect for different types of laminating pouches.
    • Anti-Jam technology laminate the item safely.
  • Reliable and Hassle-free

    • The machine is equipped with 4 rollers which deliver the perfect result.
    • With a speed of 425mm/minute, the machine laminates the item within a few seconds.
  • Safe and Effective

    • The machine ensures bubble-free lamination and also avoid wrinkles and curling.
    • It improves your efficiency by keeping your document neat and clean.

  • Make sure your machine is warm

    • Turn the power on by switching to the start position - the power light will turn red. Then press hot position to heat roller and the operation light will turn green.
    • Wait for 3 minutes for the heater to reach the set temperature during which the operating light turns green. Wait for 1 minute, the light will turn off and then switch on again. This indicates the machine is now ready for lamination.
  • Place your item in laminating pouch

    • Place the item between the two layers of the pouch film and center your item inside the pouch checking that you leave a laminate border on every side for best sealing results.
  • Place the pouch into the machine

    • Set the temperature as per the thickness of the pouch (see the table below for indicative temperature settings).
    • Place the Closed-End of the pouch into the machine, with the open end following behind.
  • Let the laminator do its thing!

    • Avoid pulling or obstructing the pouch as it feeds through the laminator.
    • In case when placing the film in the machine, the item shifts position or appears skewed, press the reverse switch. The Film will return out. re-position the item properly and re-insert into the machine.
    • Your project will be hot when it exits the machine so use caution.



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  • Dear VMS Customer care, I have below query about VMS Professional Lamination LM Deluxe as listed below : 1. What is Warranty policy of this product. 2. Is there any service center in Kolkata. 3. Is there any installation and demonstration available after sale. 4. Kolkata dealers contact number. Kindly Provide below information. Awaiting for your favorable reply. Thanks & Regards, Bidyut Bhattacharjee 9804199987

    VMS provides a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects for all our machines, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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